Saturday, 15 February 2020


Nancy wearing the vintage outfit Coordinado
The reissue of Nancy (Famosa, Spain) wearing the outfit Primavera arrived this last Thursday. This is my first reissue Nancy. In this series, Nancy Colección, among others a variety of popular vintage outfits are re-made and worn by Nancy dolls that are made after the old moulds. The Nancy doll still exists, but she looks completely different now.

I love Nancy Primavera to bits. Her hair is soft and easily combable, her eyes look exactly as in the official pictures, she has cute blushed cheeks, a modest lip colour and is made of quality vinyl. The outfit is very nice and the shoes are pretty accurate copies of the vintage ones. The wicker basket can't be opened and the flowers are not removable, but it's a nice accessory.

My new red haired girl also looks pretty in vintage clothing. Here she is wearing the outfit Coordinado. This outfit was available in burgundy as well. I didn't buy this outfit, my unidentified Furga doll was wearing it when I bought her. It was obvious that it didn't fit very well, but I had no idea it was a Nancy set until I saw the label in the sweater. The sweater is in bad condition, but the skirt, vest and scarf are still displayable. Nancy looks like a British college girl in this outfit don't you think? 😊

The order included a free outfit for the modern Nancy. Let's see if this fits.

The clothes are a tad bit too tight. If Nancy weighed 10 grams less, they would fit better. 😉 Shoes are not included in this outfit, so let's pretend that Nancy is walking on the beach to find a good spot to sunbathe...

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Happy Valentine's Day and some randomness

To all of you who celebrate this holiday, happy Valentine's Day!

This past week I haven't had much time for dolls or blogging. Also, my husband is reorganising our home computer network so my scanner and Photoshop weren't accessible for a while.

I did manage to sell a few dolls this week. I'm saving money for an expensive doll, so a part of my collection has to be sold. I don't mind, because I want my collection to shrink anyway. The doll I'm saving up for is a BJD (Asian ball jointed doll made of resin). So far the doll of my choice is from the Iplehouse company, but I'm looking into other companies that create similar lifelike dolls as well. I've owned a doll from Iplehouse before and was happy with it. However, before I spend so much money I want to be completely certain of my choice.

And, some good news: my Nancy Primavera reissue order was delayed, but I got a message that the package is ready for shipping now. I hope to see Nancy arrive soon!

Have a nice time this coming Friday!

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Dolly Do, Furga, part 6

In part 6 of the Furga Dolly Do cards series we meet Arianna, Martina and Mansueto.

Arianna is 40 cm tall, has big blue eyes and blond or black hair with a fringe. There were different dressed dolls to choose from.

Martina and Mansueto are 46 cm tall, have stuffed bodies, big blue eyes and blond, ginger or brown hair. They were dressed in a variety of adorable matching outfits.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Crissy and her French cousin

Crissy by Clodrey (left) and Crissy by Ideal (1970 version) in their original introduction outfits
Today I would like to show you the Crissy doll made by the French company Clodrey. The famous American Crissy doll by Ideal was produced from 1969 to 1974. She possessed a beautiful mod wardrobe and an interesting feature: her hair could "grow". In 1971 the French company Clodrey created its own version of Crissy and made several separate outfits for her as well.

Clodrey's Crissy is wearing a pair of Kessy shoes (Edmund Knoch).I only have one original shoe which is white and the same as American Crissy's shoes.

The French Crissy is 47 cm tall, has the same body as her American cousin and has red hair too, but she has a different head. Her basic hair is short and curly. She has green eyes with beautiful thick eyelashes. Her facial expression is friendly. She has nail polish on her fingernails while Ideal's Crissy doesn't.

Markings on the back of French Crissy's head: 

ⓒ 1971

The markings on the body are the same as those on American Crissy's.

To let the ponytail grow it has to be pulled out. If the needed length is reached, the button at the end of the rope on the back needs to be fastened. This way the ponytail keeps the desired length. The rope simply has to be pulled to retract the tail.

Examples of possible hair lengths.
The ponytail of Crissy by Clodrey is less voluminous than that of the American Crissy.
When completely extended the length is the same though. 
The different buttons to retract the ponytail.
French Crissy has a pull string system, while American Crissy has a turn button.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Nancy Primavera pre-ordered

Photo copyright Famosa
A couple of days ago I discovered that the latest reissue of Nancy is wearing Primavera, a cute flower print dress with a matching headscarf.

Next to their modern Nancy doll line the Spanish company Famosa has been releasing reissues of Nancy dolls in vintage outfits for years. I've often been tempted to buy such a collectible Nancy, but somehow I never did.

If the information I found online is correct, the original outfit was made in 1969 and apparently it was available in a variety of prints and colours.

Nancy Primavera has lovely copper brown hair, exactly the shade I love. She has warm brown eyes that go well with her hair. And she carries a wicker bag with flowers in it, adorable! She looks very sweet and I like her very much.

I decided that she will be my first reissue Nancy so I pre-ordered her. A free outfit is included in the sale but it's for the modern Nancy doll, who looks completely different, so maybe it won't fit.

I ordered Nancy Primavera on the website of El Corte Inglés, where she is expected on February 9. I hope she'll be sent to me soon after!

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Nurse Susanna

Susanna, one of the Furga S-girls from the 1960s, plays nurse in this uniform called Infermiera (1965-1966).

Catalogue illustration
A miniature plastic hot water bottle, a thermometer and (I assume real) Atkinsons medicated paste were originally included in this set.

I don't have the accessories, so I made some cardboard ones. 😊

The white dress underneath the uniform that is pictured in the catalogue doesn't exist. I'll have to make one myself.

Catalogue illustration

For the time being Susanna is wearing the dress from the outfit All'Elba (1965-1966) under her uniform. The original dress comes with red sandals and a red headscarf with the letter S printed on it.

I only have the dress and the belt. I made a headscarf and combined the dress with a pair of vintage red shoes of an unknown brand.

The illustration in the catalogue shows a handbag in Susanna's hand, but this is not included in the original All'Elba set.

Shoes, boots and handbags for the S-dolls were sold separately, although slippers were included in the clothing sets sometimes.

A headscarf was a common fashion accessory in the 1950s and 1960s. Usually a silk foulard was used to wrap around the head.

The beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn wearing a headscarf in the movie Charade (1963)