Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Sintra by Berjusa

Sintra, 42 cm tall, was made in the 1970s by the Berjusa company. Sintra's body is very similar to that of Nancy, the beautiful and famous fashion doll created by Famosa. They can share clothes. Sintra could be labelled a Nancy clone, but without the negative connotation. She has lovely outfits, is made of high quality materials and her face is unique.

My Sintra doll wears an original dress. The slippers are not hers. She has a faint grey spot on her left cheek. I tried to wash it off to no avail. I showed it to a fellow collector and she suspects it's some kind of mould. I'll try to remove it with benzoyl peroxide.

Daypa offered doll sets for which they used Nancy, Leslie (Nancy's little sister), Sintra and other dolls.

Photo: Todocoleccion archive

The Sintra mould is still used by Folk Artesania, a company that makes dolls dressed in national costumes. This is a link to a catalogue on their website with a picture of Sintra in a flamenco dress. 

Friday, 8 November 2019


Sindy (Party Time Sindy, Pedigree, 1981) borrowed Fleur's clothes (Otto Simon Company, 1970s) for a game of tennis. The sunglasses are from Jenni (Italocremona, 1960s).

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Two BMR1959 dolls ordered

I ordered two dolls from the Mattel BMR1959 series. This is a set, among other releases, that is made to celebrate Barbie's 60th anniversary. If I had the funds I would have ordered them all. I love the outfits, the dolls themselves, the shoe boxes they're presented in, everything. I wrongly assumed that this range was play-line, but it's a collector series. The two dolls I ordered will arrive late December, early January.

The two dolls on the right are the ones I'm waiting for. The doll with the blond curls wears the outfit I like the most. The doll with green hair has beautiful make-up on and nail polish, which is a first for a male Mattel doll. I can't wait to see my dolls in person!

The colourful outfits remind me of fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck's style and of United Colors of Benetton.

Photo: copyright Walter Van Beirendonck
Read more about the BMR1959 dolls on Dolldom and Black Doll Collecting (de-boxing video). Check out Toohunky Toys on Youtube as well.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Blond Barbie clone 1960s

A couple of years ago I found this dressed Barbie clone at a flea market. She didn't look like this back then. She was so dusty and grubby that her hair seemed to be ash blond. Her hair was a complete mess and her face and body were grey of dirt. I took her home with me because I really liked her make-up, or at least what I could see of it. She's been stored away since.

The other day I finally made time to clean her. She looks quite different after her bath!

Her outfit must have had a bright pink or red colour originally, but it has turned salmon pink due to sunlight exposure, which doesn't look too bad. I washed the outfit very carefully and managed to keep the original "Made in Hong Kong" paper tag intact.

The clothes are well made and I like the decoration of tiny pearls on the bolero.

Her hands look more like Bild Lilli hands than Barbie hands.

A fabric flower was tangled in her hair. I don't think this was original to the doll, but I wanted to put it in her hair again anyway because somewhere an anonymous child once made the effort to decorate its doll's hair with a pretty flower. So I washed the flower too.

One shoe is missing.

The doll's body is a combination of Bild Lilli and Barbie clone parts. The feet have holes, so maybe she was sold with a stand with a prong to display the doll on. Or, the makers simply didn't bother to hide the original holes when they made their mould.

She looks a lot like some Evergreen clone dolls, including the holes in the feet, but she is only marked Made in Hong Kong.

This clone is considerably smaller than a Barbie doll.

If you know the name of this clone doll, please leave a comment below. It would be much appreciated. 😊

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Lady Monica

Monica (Italocremona 1966) is a beautiful 45 cm tall fashion doll. She was sold as a dressed doll and there were separate outfits available for her as well.

In the 1960s and 1970s, dolls wearing 19th century inspired clothing were very popular. Furga made a series of Damina (Lady) dolls. Italocremona, Zanini & Zambelli and other companies offered a plethora of these types of dolls too. New as well as existing fashion dolls were used, e.g. Corinne for the Gaslight series, Pritti Millemosse for the Damina series and the lovely Milly fashion doll. Monica was one of them.

I didn't purchase this version of Monica for the outfit, I want to dress her in 1960s fashions. The clothes are lovely though. The outfit is nearly complete, only one lace glove and a chiffon scarf that's supposed to be wrapped around the hat are missing. Monica is wearing a lot of garments. Under the dress she wears a hoop skirt, a petticoat and bloomers.

My other Monica, a fashion doll version, has long hair and different eyebrows.

I love the short hair-do. I can't wait to redress her in a mod outfit!